[EU] Oxidized Dreams 5x Gather [ 5x | Loot+ | Instacraft | Shop
60 # ranked
7 votes
4 / 100 online
22 12 last wiped
Rank #60 (with 90 points)
Last Ping 2 minutes ago
Uptime 98%
Last Wipe 12/22/2016
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 1955

[b] Oxidized Dreams [/b]

[i]We value simplicity, fairness and great vibes and I want you to be apart of it.[/i]

[b] Mods [/b]

Balanced Kits
Balanced Stack Sizes
Better Chat System
Building Cupboard Limit (Shows cupboard range with a visual effect)
Combat Blocks
Corpse Duration - (15 Minutes)
Day Vote
Death Notes (Displays kills in chat, displaying both weapon used and distance)
In-game Map
Fire Arrows
Freezing Arrows
Friends System
Loot +
Raid Block
Removal Tool
Rewards System (Multi-layer)
Playtime Tracker
Private Messaging
Skins (Crafted items are sprayed)
Supports Tickets
Quick Sort (Quickly deposit or loot different types of items)
Quick Smelt
Weather Control
5x Gathering/Smelting/Pickup
User Interface

[b] About the server [/b]

Wiped once a week between - 7:00 - 9:00 PM GMT | 3:00 - 5:00 PM EST

[b] In-Game Commands[/b], [i]also available by typing /listcmds and /listcmds2[/i]

/balance - Displays current bank balance.
/bounty - Bounty system, place or fulfill a bounty on a player.
/clan - Clan system, form or manage a clan.
/colours - Change the colour of your name. (UK Spelling of color)
/friend add - Disables FF (/ff on or off).
/home - Home teleportation system.
/ignore - Adds a player to your ignore list.
/kit - Show a list of kits that you can redeem.
/next wipe - Shows days until next map reset.
/players - Shows list of players online.
/pm /r - Use /pm to private message or /r to reply.
/remove - Use this tool to remove items you've placed.
/rules - Shows server and player rules.
/s - Opens the store to exchange currency and buy items.
/showsphere - Shows the limitation of your building cupboard.
/ticket - Player support system, used to report issues.
/trade - Trade other players safely.
/transfer - transfer [money] to [name] player.
/unignore - Removes a player from your ignore list.
/vote - Learn where to vote for the server to earn rewards.

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