[EU]Rustalution[5x|Loot+|Insta|kits|Tp|GunGame]26/02Just wiped
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Last Ping 03/03/2017
Uptime 70%
Last Wipe 02/12/2017
Os Windows
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Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 1969

Rustalution is an European server for Rust Experimental.

The server is located in United kingdom and automatically restarts every 24 hours to maintain optimal performance. Days last 30 minutes, u can vote to skip night time. The resource gathering rate is set to 5x, furnace smelting to 4x. Wipes are once a week (sunday 10CET MIDDAY)(somethimes theursday!)

Active plugins: Shops/Kits/5x Gather/QuickSmelt/Clans/TP/LustyMap and many others.

To connect to the server, launch the console (press F1) while Rust
is running and type "client.connect "".
You can also search for Rustalution in the server list (Modded Servers).

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