RustyBeans WIPED 5/12/14 [NoobFriendly|Beans|NoHax]
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Dallas, US
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Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 1069
My dear friends, I have purchased a server, a server just for you. A place where men can show their genitals freely as they kill other players, a place for death and gay orgies to occur.

This is a place for love and hate to prosper, and where only the elite will survive. anything is allowed. No one is trusted.
I give you..
Rusty Beans


We Love Beans

Brought to you by one of the top server providers,
With the server situated in the US
20 Gb/s
Rusty Beans

The Church Of Beanus Christ Opens Today.

About The Server:
- Hacking is NOT ALLOWED
- Beans Given Out Every Day
- Airdrops All The Time
- No Fall Damage
- TP Available
- Instant Crafting
- 5 Times Normal Amount Of Loot Found In Crates
- Noob Friendly
- Hosted In The USA
- Friendly Admins
- Laid Back Gameplay
- Groups
- PVE Area Around The Church Of Beanus Christ
- PVP Allowed
- Spawn Killing/KOSing Is Frowned Upon
- Never Wiped
- Sleepers
- Beans

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