[EUK]DomeNations Test Server
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London, GB
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Os Windows
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Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2177

Welcome To The RustyBucket Server

Come and Join Us

Active Admins, Friendly Community. SafeHouse. Kits. X2 XP and x3 Gather, Medium Stacking Rate, Quick Smelt & Crafting. zLevels. & Much More!

Feel Free To Join Our Friendly Community Server! Everyone is Welcome just be Sure To follow the simple rules set!

We do not tolerate Toxic players, We do not allow Griefing : (Blocking Players Bases)-(obstructing Players Paths) etc.. More Info In The Server Just type /Info -For all Server Information.

Safehouse: Is a custom made community Structure Built for Player to claim items from the shop with ingame currency. Players Cannot PVP in the Safehouse but can be killed VIA heli.

TeamSpeak: ts.puresurvival.co.uk
F1 Client.Connect rusty.puresurvival.co.uk:28046
F1 Client.Connect

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