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Chicago, US
Last Ping 10/08/2019
Uptime 27%
Last Wipe 09/24/2016
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2180
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We are a new server that started not to long ago. The server has a good group of people and is adult run and managed. There is active admins that do not play on the server and no admin except owner has any power to spawn items so there is no admin abuse. Owner takes server seriously and is always working to improve to make it better for everyone to play on.

Anyone is welcome on the server from new players to older players we welcome everyone with open arms.

Now time for the fun stuff.
Active Owner, admin, and mods
3x Gather
Better Loot
Larger stack sizes
Server Rewards to buy items in the store
Remover tool that only allows owners of buildings to remove items
Vanilla raid style on a modded server
Starter Kit for new players
Map in game that shows your friends location
Friendly Fire that can be turned on or off
and many more

TeamSpeak available for use

We are still new and growing averaging currently 10 players dedicated to playing on the server.

The server is run on a dedicated box and runs beautifully with many mods and see no problem in lag spikes due to cpu being loaded like you may see on a lot of servers run by hosting companys.

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