[EU]Zockvolk.de/Wiped24.07/TP/x2/Home/Clans//1/4 craft//MORE
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Nuremberg, DE
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Last Wipe 06/17/2016
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Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 1479
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Zockvolk.de/WIPE 17.06./TP/x2/Home/Clans // Visit us! Ger/Eng // ///Rules and Infos on www.zockvolk.de/rust-server/ /// remove tool| level system [woodcutting, mining, skinning and crafting]| friends| tp for players/home| auto door closer| kit Starter|starter| airdrops| clans and friendly fire| start protection 1 hour| sign artist | larger tool cupboard radius | tool cupboard/doors for friends and clans| death notes| info panel| 80% less decay|longer day(30/10) and more!
Teamspeak: dezv.de

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