US West Solo/Small Group - No Clans
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Uptime 93%
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2177
Spawn in with a saw, thompson, shotgun, medical and armor. The gather rate is 3x, but with Zlevel rpg style leveling your gather rates will increase. Also there are loot bases created by admins for the players to raid. In addition there are random storage boxes, some with turrets next to them, with bp's and loot. This server will also have events in the future along with vip kits. [3x/Kits/Clans/Bloot/Autodoors/Bgrade/Icraft/Smelt/CupBoard Radius/Dayvote/Tpr/Homex10/Remove/SignArt/Stacks/Zlevel]

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