iRust | True Vanilla | Admins | BP/Map Wipe 4/8
8266 # ranked
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0 / 0 online
31 12 last wiped
Rank #8266 (with 2 points)
Dallas, US
Last Ping 05/19/2016
Uptime 7%
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 1364

Server Wipes: Every 2 weeks on Thursday we will have a full map/bp wipe.
However, if consistent population drops below 25 people server will be wiped after 1 week.
Official Rust updates are the first Thursday of each month (full map/BP wipe).
Regardless of amount of time between wipes, the official day that any wipe will take place, is Thursday in the afternoon/evening.

Steam Group:

Press F1 in game to bring up the console.
Copy and paste the IP below and press enter:

Server Details:
- Vanilla settings (default)
- 100 slot

Server Rules:
- No hacking / cheating / glitch abusing
- Do not disrespect the admins, they are here to provide a good rust environment
- No ping over 300, you get kicked twice and on the 3rd time it is ban.
- Enjoy iRust.

TeamSpeak 3 server

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