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Looking For A Fun, Player Safe, Friendly Rust Server?

Located at IP:,

~={U.S.P}=~ |1| Utopia is a Friendly RUST server where everyone lives in peace. Build, Hunt, Make Friends and live without the fear of being Killed or Raided by other players. Chopper, Bears & Wolves still hunt players!

We Offer No Decay, AutoLights From Dusk/Dawn, Teleport, Crosshairs, Chopper Good Loot, No Kill (Other Players), No Deststroy (Other Players Property), No Loot (Sleepers), BackPack, Xtra Gather, Z-Levels, Quick Smelt, Quick Craft, Quick Cook, Dead Body Locator, Auto Target Reset And Auto Doors!

We DO NOT Tolerate Admin Abuse, Racism Racial/Sexual, Cheating, Hacking, Griefing, Trolling, Spamming, Unrespectful Bad Attitudes Or Any Kind Of Disruptive Gameplay!

So, come on over and have some stress free fun!

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