Ripened Peaches PvE
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Ripened Peaches is a friendly, mature PvE server looking for more players. We are running Oxide and have a number of plugins running to facilitate PvE gameplay without making life all too easy. We are very serious about enforcing PvE on our server. We have a town with several vendors (store, recycler, skins etc), other NPC's, guards and PvP NPC's. We also have quests and a number of events are being built. Plus, very nice people!

The majority of our players are adults. No matter if you are a noob with loads of questions or an experienced player preferring mature behaviour and PvE. We have a group of regular adult players that like to build a town together, with stores and other useful buildings for all players to use.

The server is whitelisted. It means access to the server is limited to whitelisted players only. If you feel Ripened Peaches could be the type of server you'd like to play on, please apply for access on our Steam group at:

Contact Jeini in Steam or visit the Ripened Peaches Steam group for more info!

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