Win Everyday @ Rust - SMALL MAP - Wipe 7/16 - US - Vanilla
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Join Win Everyday and start winning @ Rust! We're back and hosting a new Vanilla Procedural PvP server with 100 slots. It's running on the best hardware that you can find! Our server admin's are fair and always active to provide you with the cleanest game play environment possible.

This server will be running small procedural version map to help build population before doing island hop map as size is much larger. We will keep our server fresh and always encourage feedback from our community members. Please visit: to find out more information about our Rust server! As wipes regularly occur due to patches, we will from time to time change the map based on user feedback to help refresh game play.

Win Everyday Community

The Win Everyday community has an amazing website, an unlimited slot Mumble server, our own Radio Station for our music, events and podcasts and much more! Feel free to check it out we encourage all players to become apart of the Win Everyday community. Membership includes the ability to participate in events and win prizes from our annual giveaways!

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Connect by pressing F1 in Rust then typing: client.connect Or Search for: Win Everyday

To keep the server up and running donations are always welcome. Anything donated is always put back into the community from helping hosting costs to prizes for our membership raffles & giveaways.

Don't be a naked loser forever, come join Win Everyday and live up to the name!

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