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22 08 last wiped
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Chicago, US
Last Ping 08/19/2017
Uptime 25%
Last Wipe 08/22/2016
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 1928
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Friendly server - no donations - no item mall!


Live Map: http://playrust.io/map/?

Server INFO: http://chicagorust.com/serverinfo

Server Vote for Reward: http://chicagorust.com/voterewards

Server Forum: http://chicagorust.com/forums

Chicago Rust Game Server 24/7! Long Term!

Everyone is welcome to join!

Server started on August 22, 2016!

Fully Dedicated Server – Long Term – No Lag – 24/7 Up Time!

Always up to date!

Connect to the server using F1 : connect

Join our server and have fun!
Check the map:

Chicago Rust Team Speak Server!

Address: *.*.**.** Port: **** Status: Offline (coming soon)

Server is : ***ONLINE*** 24/7 – Dedicated Hosting!

Mature Admins!

Live Map!

1/2 Crafting time!


x2.0 Gather Rate!

x1.5 Gather Rate!

15 min Night Time!

45 min Day Time!

Private Messaging!

Air Drops every 2 hours!

Live Map is Available!

Ranking System with custom tags!

Type /pc in chat

Vote/Reward Weekly Event!

Better Loot from Barrels & Rad Towns!

Death Notes added!

Extra NPC (wolfs, bears) in RAD towns

GUI – Shows Players Online, Sleepers & Server Time

GUI – EXP Level for gathering, crafting

Guess the number event

Reward: x15 EXP!






/r — this replies to the last person you got a pm from

/kit starter (redeem starter kit)

/showsphere (Cupboard Radius)

/pc (TOP RANK)

Air Drop Events – on once per 2 hours!
No Lag!
* No Cheating!
* Be polite to all the players!
* Vote For the Server!
* Report Bugs!
* Don’t take advantage of bugs!
* Work Hard & Play Hard!

Last updated: 08/28/2016 Modify