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Join Chromatic Today!

Chromatic is a freshly wiped, reloaded Rust Legacy server.

Chromatic is powered by Oxide's powerful Modding API.

Go into your console in Rust Legacy by hitting F1 at the main menu.
In there, type the following;

Here is a list of features:

-Custom Battlefield Arena. You may join or leave the battlefield by typing /bf into your chat box and then suiciding and respawning. Once you have done this, you will be put into our custom-made arena. In this arena, you kill players for points and these points can be used to purchase weapons and other items. You may also vote for which kit you would like to be the default kit, as well as vote for which arena you wish to play in.

-Automated airdrops when a certain amount of players are online. During airdrops, PvP is disabled. Once the airdrop has ended, PvP is enabled once again.

-Compass to allow newer players to easily navigate around the landscape. You may also use the /lm command in-game to determine which landmark you are closest to (Resource Road, Small Radtown, etc.)

-Banking & economy based. This allows players to gain currency from killing other players & animals as well as by completing events & minigames. Banking allows players to hold onto their currency without risk of losing their money upon death. You may use this money in our in-game shop to purchase materials/items needed to survive.

-Chat line suicide. Simply type /die

-Friends & Enemies list implemented. By adding enemies/friends to your list, you are able to track when they are online.

-Enhanced ban & Advanced Anti-Cheat system to allow for unexploitable & seamless playability.

-FPS Booster implemented for players with low-end computers.

-Jail system implemented with police patrols. Police players will have the ability to jail other players for breaking the rules.

-Vote for items & rewards!

-Realistic damage calculator. When explosives go off around a player, they have a chance for their legs to be broken. When you shoot a player in a vital area (chest, head) you have a chance to rupture their organs, causing critical damage. When you approach an enemy from behind with a rock and hit them in the head, you have a chance to bash their skull, causing critical damage.

-Skills & Perks system. By killing players & NPCs, you will raise your skill in a certain trait. (Wildlife, zombies, players) By killing animals, you will gain skill levels in the Wildlife trait. By killing players, you will gain skill levels in the Manhunter trait. These skill levels increase the amount of damage you do to the respective player/NPC. Also, you may use skill points to purchase perks which will reduce damage done to you, increase damage done to creatures/players, etc.

-Welcome kits! You are given a total of 5 kits, each time you die (without using suicide) you will be given a new kit.

-Survivor implemented. Upon first logging in, you have a 60% resistance to both players and animals. Each time you die, this resistance goes down by 10%. Once you have died a total of 6 times, you will no longer have a damage resistance.

And much, much more! Join today and begin your survival experience!

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