8/3|Noob Friendly|Metal's Home|
6310 # ranked
0 votes
0 / 0 online
13 12 last wiped
Rank #6310 (with 2 points)
Last Ping 08/21/2017
Uptime 30%
Last Wipe 12/13/2014
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2003

New server started on 12/13
Half Craft Time
PVP enabled
Remove tool
No Durability
Sleepers enabled
MULTIPLE Anti-Hack Plugins
Admins don't play, we only watch for cheaters and we are very active!
Air drops @ 15
Looking for groups and clans to join
Don't play on wiping unless it is necessary (unbearable lag, etc)
Will delete decayed bases / soon to decay (within 3-4 hours)
Have room for 73 players (2 reserved slots)

Last updated: 12/13/2014 Modify