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Hello there everyone! Thanks for clicking on to here, means a lot! I have setup a Rust Server where we hope to build a small server for people to play on and enjoy Rust together, and we need your help!

This server promotes groups and friends getting together and is all about teaming up with people to fend off the dangers of Rust. This is for those people that don't want to be killed 24/7 when they have a rock, but don't want it so it is PvE and can only kill mobs.

The community is growing quick with a website coming soon so all the updates are as fast as possible. For now though, there is a steam group which you should check out here. We always love suggestions that can make the server even better than it is and even take it into an all new different direction, as long the majority agree with the change.

If you want to meet some people to play with, you could visit our TeamSpeak server, here: I will be on there regularly keeping a check on everyone and so if you need me you will be most likely to see me on there

I also hope to host events. I have little ideas yet, but with the help of a small group of people we could do something great!
The server is always on the lookout for new survivors and we wish you will join us!

Connection Info:
Server IP: (To use this, hit F1 for the console and then type net.connect
Server Name: UK | The Ruthless Raiders | Friendly Rules | Oxide |

- 100 Slots
- EU Server (London)
- Active admins
- Friendly environment
- Sleepers: On
- Airdrops: Begin at 20 players
- Half Crafting Time

Oxide Addons:
- Door Share
- Automatic Starter Kit
- Bounty
- Friends & Groups
- Private Messaging
- Stats
- Teleports(3 per day)
We are always open to new ideas!

- NO KILL ON SITE(No randomly killing players when you see them)
- Before attacking/raiding a base you MUST declare "Raid" in chat and in voice if possible
- Base raiding is permitted AT ANY TIME
- You are allowed to protect yourself/base by killing but only for a good reason(ie They are shooting you.)
- Any arguments will be settled over video evidence
- PVP is allowed at airdrops
- Players are allowed 3 warnings before they kill them(If they are following you, on your land etc)
- No disrespecting admins - 3 warning then a permanent ban
- Radiation areas are NO PVP
- People with bounties can only be killed during raids

We are open to suggestions and would love it if you could go to our subreddit here, /r/UKnfrRUST .
Thank you.

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