AnarKy US (Fresh 7-18, Heavily Modded, Oxide, PvP, TP, 1/2 Craf

Rank #469 (with 22 points)
Votes 4
Location United States Los Angelese, US
Last Ping 2 minutes ago
Uptime 23%
Players 1/50
Dedicated No
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 1069
Port 28016
pvp   rust++   sleepers   starterkit   events   kits   magma  

50 Player slots, Rust++, Active Admins, No Wipes, Starter kits, PvP
Hey guys, Gamer Army have just introduced a brand new Rust server to our list of game servers, feel free to swing into our server and say hi and perhaps stay a while! The server is lag free, hosted in Los Angeles, California and has DDoS protection!
Unlike many other servers, There Is absolutely NO server wipes, we let all structure decay naturally with player absence.
Admins will not interfere with player operations as that is against our rules, admins are only there to prevent hackers from abusing the game.

The gamer Army hopes to see you ingame :D
Server Name: RUST++ | Starter Kits | No Wipe | Antihack | Active Admins| PvP

Last updated: 03/07/2014 Modify