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Hey guys im Luni (Real Name: Lunadea, female, 24y) from Germany.
Me and some friends play Rust since several weeks.
After playing on many other servers, we noticed that almost every server has problems. We have now come to an conclusion that we should make our own server to make everyone to have a good experience and enjoy the most of the game. On most servers, servers get wiped without warning, hackers can go on without getting dealt with and admins can abuse their powers and you can't do anything about it. Therefore we have decided we might as well take the matters in our own hand and get a server. The goal of this new server is for people to enjoy the most of the game as it should be without interference.

If you are tired of people admin abusing, server wiping without warning and want hackers to dealt with quickly, then this is the server for you. :)

Server Details
Direct connect: net.connect
Press F1 in game then copy and paste in net.connect

Server Name: [EU]Girlpower|rareC4|noAdminAbuse|noWipe|StartKit|19/02/2014
Server IP:
Server Port: 28065

Server Information:
HFB-Server hosted in Amsterdam
Perfect location for GB/FR/GER and North European people.
-200 Slot Dedicated Server
-Low Ping and Lag free
Our Server started at 19/02/14.

Basic Server Rules:
Only one serveradmin
No admin abuse
No Teleport
No Spamming in chat
No Racism

AirDrop@15+ Player
PVP on
Sleeper on
CraftingTime 50%
Short time Speacial:
Big Welcome Kit in the first 2 Weeks.
It contains:
- Stone Hatchet
- HuntingBow
- some Arrows
- Cloth Pants :D
- 10x Cooked Chicken Breast
- 100x Wood
- 20x Wood Planks
for an easy start... so bring some friends and join us :)

This Server Currently Runs Plugin: OXIDE
-Chat history
-CraftingControler (Explosives crafting denied)
-DeathHandler (Display Kill Infos)
-OwnershipRemover (Own objects can be removed by PickAxe -> get back resources)
-Stats&Ranking (see commands below)

/location [ Displays your "X" , "Y" , and "Z" Coordinates. ]
/history [ Lists Chat History. (20 lines) ]
/list [ Lists Online Players ]
/pm "name" "msg" [ Sends A Personal Message. ]
/stats : Gives the user kill and death count.
/shelp : Help on commands
/ranking kills - TOP 10 killers
/ranking deaths - TOP 10 losers
/ranking bears - TOP 10 bear killers
/ranking wolves - TOP 10 wolf killers
/ranking kdratio -TOP 10 kill/death ratio

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