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Apocalypso Paradise.
You Rust home away from home.

Insta Craft. Door sharing. Bounties. Jail. Economy. PvP. Craftable C4. Arena games. Server events.

Server relies heavily on the use of Moderators (vs Traditional Admins) here are what they can and cannot do.

1. Jail you: For being rude, for using needless profanity, for trolling, or for being a generally unpleasant player. Timer is set to 10 minutes. You can not TP, you can not suicide. You can sit there and think about what you have done

2. mute you: If visits to jail do not change your trollish ways, we do not have to listen to you.

3. Kick you: if you managed to continue to piss people off after jail and being muted, you are gone until you can act like an adult.

4. Ban You: For Repeat offenses, and hacking. We have a zero hacking tolerance. if something you are doing could be considered hacking on any level --- do Not do it.

5. spawn Wellness kits: This is about the only thing a mod can spawn. It is some crappy starter stuff in case someone new is being picked on. you may want it, you may not. all you have to do is ask, and if the mod thinks you need some crap, you can have it

6. kill and raid you: That is right our mods are players. they cannot spawn building parts, they cannot spawn weapons, or ammo or explosives. The only way they can get it is by crafting, finding or stealing. It is not admin abuse because our mods are not admins, our admins are admins and they do not play

1. Teleport you for free. Econ is on, kill some bears and buy your own bus ticket

2. spawn anything other than the wellness kit. No guns, no ammo, no building parts, no explosives, no drama. You can ask but i assure you, you will be laughed at

3. call air drops. Believe it or not, this server has airdrops on a timer. There are quite a few of them. So do not bother asking a mod to call one. There will be exceptions for server events where extra ones will be called.

4. replace your stuff, because you left remove on... please see number 2

5. ask an admin to come online and do any of these things for you. The server admins are uninteresting code monkeys who only want to ensure the ping is acceptable and the lag is minimal. again, there will be exceptions for server events where the admins are involved.

*6. wipe the server on request. just because you were raided does not mean someone was hacking. it happens. it is the game. we wipe on as a last resort, and as infrequent as possible. whining will not work. It will only ang3r us.

Disclaimer: This is not a complete and all inclusive list. special circumstances come up and judgement calls will be made. judgement by admins and mods are final. If you have any questions or concerns email us: Apocalypsoparadise@gmail.com

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