[US] Official RustEssentials #2 | Wipe3/30 | PVP | No Mods
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Dallas, US
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Version 1069

Rust Essentials is the all around (all you need) mod for Rust.
Official RustEssentials #2 (Vanilla) Server:

- Stable, wiped, and running since March 30th.
- PVP has been enabled for the ultimate simulation and stimulation.
- Sleepers are fully activated.
- Active admins with understanding for your needs.
- Airdrops activate every hour with a minimum of 30 players.
- Non-pay-to-win experience.
- Complete vanilla, non-modified Rust experience.

General Rules:
1. No cheating/hacking/exploiting.
2. No advertising rust servers.
3. Keep trolling to a minimum.
4. Respect the staff members.
5. Report lag to MistaD.

Of course, common sense always applies.

To play on the modded server (running RustEssentials), you can find the server information here:

RustEssentials Facepunch Thread:

RustEssentials Main Trello:

For more information, ask the players in game!

- MistaD

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