SCANDALNAViA LEGACY -halfC4/F1dmg-tpa-kits-rem-0DecDur-econ-AD5
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Last Wipe 06/08/2016
Os Windows
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Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 1069



Legacy server, net.connect

European and Scandinavian community so either write in English or any of the Scandinavian languages in the public chat.

Explosive damage has been reduced by 50%.
-Wood wall, window, doorway and METAL DOOR require 3 x C4.
-Metal wall, window and doorway require 6 x C4.

When you use /remove the items will be refunded to your inventory.
-The FIRST person that puts down a foundation, counts as the owner
and only that person can remove items from the house.

You can use teleportation (/tpa) 3 times between each server reboots (not wipes)
and the server will be rebooted once every 24 hours.
-To accept teleports write /tpaccept

Economy (/ehelp and /money info for more information). You can sell and buy items from an in-game shop (e.g. /sell "Animal Fat" 10 or /buy "Animal Fat" 10), and send money to friends and you'll get $60 in-game every 5 minutes when online, you'll lose 25% of your money when killed in PVP and gain 15% of victims money if you kill someone in PVP. When buying and selling items you have to write the item the way it's spelled in-game (case sensitive!).

Type /gametime to view the in-game time
and /daytime (after 18:00) to vote for daytime (/vote Y or /vote N).

Type /who to see how many players are online.

Type /history to see chat history.

We have two kits.
-/kit starter
This kit can be claimed TWO times and contains:
Wood shelter, sleeping bag, wooden door, cloth helmet, cloth vest, cloth pants, cloth boots, stone hatchet, hunting bow, 20 x arrow and 5 x cooked chicken breasts.
-/kit home
This kit can be claimed ONE time and contains materials for a 1x1 wood home:
Wood foundation, wood doorway, wood ceiling, 4 x wood pillars, 3 x wood walls and metal door.

Type /sleepover to manage the players that are allowed to respawn on your buildings.

Airdrop at noon (12:00) daytime when there are 5 or more players online.

Lots of Anti-cheat addons.

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