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Welcome to Rusty Wasteland!
The journey of this server started on 14th of August 2017. MM617 & Carol decided to open the server as a fun project with one goal: Creating a peacefully and friendly server for anyone to play in. Since then everything went really fast! Now, 1 year later we have 100 slots and a very large active and friendly community which was the ultimate goal.

We have a very active and helpful team with a dedicated developer who develops unique plugins which can be only found on our server and nowhere else! Some of the key features of the server are highlighted below.

Server Features:
-Very active, friendly and helpful community including owners, admins & mods.
-4 levels of helicopters: normal, hard, elite & legend
-Every Saturday & Sunday at 20:00 CET a unique heli event where everyone is welcome to join.
-After killing the Bradley APC 10 times you'll be able to spawn a BRADZILLA!
-Receive RP for killing Heli's, Bradley APC, Animals and Zombies & Scientists
-Quarry locks so no need to build a wall around it anymore!
-Zlevels + Smeltlevels (again, custom developed for us)
-PVP Island + VAULT event every wipe
-Car & Boat racing (Formula Rust & Blup Cup)
-Bestprice command to see which item is the cheapest in a vending machine
-RP & Reward Store
-Treasure hunt
-Oil Rig Platform event
-Rewards for voting
-Cave town
-Vip/Elite/Legend ranks for players who support the server

Server details:

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