RustyCargo 5/24 US|x3|InstaC|TP|AlphaLoot|Kits|Perks|
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Saint Louis, US
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Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 1988

Welcome to Rusty Cargo!

We are a newer server with tons of fun features! Some of our favorites include our custom plugins such as Security Cameras! You can place camera(s) around your base to check in when getting raided or if you just want to have a peak while you're out farming. We have loads of features but not too many where if a new player to rust joins they won't be overwhelmed. It's enjoyable to all players regardless of past experience. We hope to see you soon!

We average between 20-40 players at most times and would like to bump it up to 60+

Features Include:
~ Security Cameras
~4 Man Groups (MAX)
~1 Week Wipe (Every Thursday)
~Levels (Never Wipe)
~Reward Points (With Shop) (Never Wipe)
~Insta Craft
~Random Skins
~Kits (2 Available currently)
~Clans (Can Ally with other clans)
~Enhanced Hammer (hit to upgrade)
~Better Loot
~No Radiation (except nuke plant)
~Slow Decay
~MultiCupboard (Better for base defense)
~Private Message
~Event Reward Points
~Larger Stack Sizes
~Sign Artist (Custom Pictures on Banners)
~3 minute night times 70 minute days

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