7/12 Cargo 3x|QS|TP|SHOP|KITS|MORE
178 # ranked
0 votes
1 / 50 online
30 11 last wiped
Rank #178 (with 20 points)
Saint Louis, US
Last Ping 4 minutes ago
Uptime 95%
Last Wipe 11/30/-0001
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2099

Features Include:
x3 Resources
2 minute night times 70 minute days
1 Week Wipe (Every Wednesday EXCEPT force wipe, then Thursday)
RustIO Live Map
Kits (8+)
Private Message
Clans (Can Ally with other clans)
Clan Friendly Fire /cff
Chance to find BP's in loot containers
Random Skins
Default Decay
Larger Stack Sizes
Quick Craft
Rocket Turrets! /turret
Auto Doors /ad
Sign Artist (Custom Pictures on Banners)
bgrade (donator/in-game shop)
Reward Points (With Shop) (Never Wipe)
Better loot
Custom Teleportation (no teleporting through walls)
Cars at Airfield and Launch site (repairable and requires fuel)

Last updated: 10/18/2017 Modify