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***WIPED 10/1/2015***

Hi and welcome to Rust Storm!

We are an old Legacy server that has now moved on to the Experimental branch. Our server thrived back in the day. Please come by if you want a friendly environment with zero admin abuse and fair, fun gameplay.

We have our own dedicated box for fast and uninterrupted gameplay. DDoS protection is also available if needed.

Some of our mods include:
- Teleportation (home, other player after requesting)
- Kits
- Automatically closing doors (1-10 seconds)
- Death notices
- 2x Gathering Rate
- 2x Smelting Rate
- Increased stack sizes (100k on materials, as an example)
- Removal tool (foundation based or sharing location on the PlayRust.io map, so no base removal griefing)
- Trade system complete with graphical interface

Our goal here is to have a server that removes some of the 'annoying' facets of vanilla Rust and making things more fun for everyone. We are an established server and our repun speaks for itself. Come and give us a shot!

We hope to see you there.

-Deluge (Owner)

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