Faithful [Portland, Noob Friendly]
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Last Wipe 05/05/2016
Os Windows
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Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 1981

Welcome to the official FAITHFUL Server!

This is a vanilla server that is slightly modded for a more appropriate game play.

Adjustments include:

- Instant Crafting
- No Building Decay
- Instant Researching
- 2X Resource Gathering
- 2X Chickens/Boars/Stags
- Resource Refund Upon Building Upgrade/Demolish
- Reasonable Higher Stack Limits
- Longer Dead Body De-spawn
- Personal Messaging System
- Upload Images to Signs

What makes this server special is our slight adjustments to gather rates and other small mechanics while remaining FAITHFUL to Vanilla game play. We made these adjustments to accommodate for the monthly wipe. We feel you should spend slightly less time grinding for materials and more time taking action.

Last updated: 04/13/2016 Modify