Rust-A-Holics - PVEday PVPnight! Kits, Clans, RustIO, ZLevels,
441 # ranked
3 votes
4 / 50 online
30 11 last wiped
Rank #441 (with 10 points)
Dallas, US
Last Ping 2 minutes ago
Uptime 86%
Last Wipe 11/30/-0001
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2183

Rust-A-Holics - Great Community! We strive to make our server fun for all ages. Active Admins. PVE day so you can gather, build and repair bases without getting shot by other players. (Heli and Turrets do still kill during PVE time.) PVP nights for raiding and shooting people. Largest map available. Wipes 1st Thursday of each month with Facepunch wipes.

Lots of plugins including: Gather, 3x, XP Boost, Stacks, Smelt, Guess the Number with great rewards for winning, Voter, also great rewards for voting daily, Kits, Homes/TPA, Server Rewards for playtime, GUI Shop, Sign Artist, Rain of Fire, Clans, Custom Loot, Air Drops every 30 mins, Helis every 30 mins with custom loot, Private Messaging, Trap Floors & Flippable Turrets, Quests and more!

If you join, please take the time to read both the rules you agree to on login as well as the main page of /info in game that opens each time you log in. These detail our basic rules on this server.

Stop on in and check us out!

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