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[EU] NEXICO|Survival|PVP|Insta|Sleepers|Events|Arena

Join our steam group for more info and help: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Nexico

Currently looking for moderators and active members!

We have a friendly and active community that you should get to experience!

Connection Info: net.connect

SERVER WIPE 31/03/14


- Also rewarding players that bring friends to the server and are active

------- Content ---------

In this new concept for the server, you shall enter a new world with more challenging conditions.
Rare military, sporadic air drops and non-craftable C4 will allow you to establish
together with your faction, build a community and participate actively with or against other members
from the community.

During the night times you'll be able to gather resources that have a bonus included! Just make sure to take some type of weapon with you cos, in this world, it's all about survival...

A massive olympic village has been built and we will soon host events in each of our mini arenas! (Check our steam group for more details regarding the schedule of the events). We will be hosting anything from rock and hunting bow matches to military pvp fights.

Some pics of our new baby ready to kick it!

- http://i.gyazo.com/265fac7c08c1d8ae46d1c040bd57f932.png
- http://i.gyazo.com/b2d383a8e56e1ae1487f1a7cb53f8fc9.png
- http://i.gyazo.com/17c455bbfbb82370160c63a6d04e9966.png
- http://i.gyazo.com/48da1531e54bde1d6ef35af63db371f5.png
- http://i.gyazo.com/1308a791d530a51dff499afbcf729208.png
- http://i.gyazo.com/eeff36d52f074e5750fe51a0b617c6ef.png
- http://i.gyazo.com/de6c26e085025ab18c78d34458e49939.png

------- Features --------

- non-craftable C4, M4, MP5,Shotgun, Grenades, Metal Building Parts, 556 Ammo (extreme rare drops, Survival!)
- craftable Bolt Action Rifle
- PVP | ON
- Door Sharing | ON
- Arena with different game options!
- Kit | Noob
- Sleepers | ON
- Admin | Active and friendly - No abuse
- Air drops | ON (very rare)
- Community | Friendly and helpful
- Establish your clan, get private clan chat, enable or disable friendly fire and even leave a motd!
- 50 Slots | Will be upgraded if needed
- Events
- Remove tool
- Bonus resources at night!
- Teamspeak (more info in our steam group, check link at top of the page!)


------- General Commands --------

/chelp (get all the commands for establishing and editting your clan)

/arenahelp (show arenas available, /barena will allow you to return back to your previous position before you tped to the arena!)
- BE CAREFUL! TPing to an Arena will clear your inventory! So store your stuff before heading to the arena. (Soon, we will add a feature
that will allow you to automatically save your inventory before heading to the arena, so you won't need to worry about it, eventually)

/kits (get your kit!)
/time (displays in game time and real server time)
/location (shows you position with X, Y and Z coordinates)
/history (Displays Chat history)
/pm (To send a private message to a player in game: /pm "playername" "message")
/r (Quick reply to last pm)
/players (List of online players)
/remover(To remove building structures built by you)
/friends (Shows your friends list)
/addfriend (Adds a player to your friends list: /addfriend playername)
/unfriend (Removes a friend)
/rules (Shows server rules)
/help (Shows commands)
/share playername (shares your doors with a player)
/unshare playername (unshares your doors with a player)
/voted (get your reward by voting each day for the server!)


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