Medieval Rust RP|Primitive|1x-2x|King|Roleplay|Prison|Monthly
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Medieval Rust RP|Primitive|2x|King|SignArt|Skins|MonthlyWipe

ㅤ2x Gather, Skill Levels, Treasure Chests, Monthly Wipe

ㅤㅤStarter Kits, Skins, Spawn Warp, Remover Tool, Sign Artist, Pets

Water Pipe, Eoka Pistol, Bow, Crossbow
ㅤFlame Turrets, Flamethrower
ㅤㅤF1, Beancan, Satchel Charges
ㅤㅤㅤAll Melee!

Slay the King to become the King! Tax the Peasants!


Roleplay Encouraged but not Required, No Rules, Power in Players Hands


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