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The Venus Project Rust server was launched on the 2nd April 2015, So not long ago at all! Lupo has been pulling off sleepless hours to try and get enough plugins enabled and live so that the server can show it's maximum potential! Below we have a list of current features! We also have a beautiful website:

LiveMap! - Click this link for the live map!

Customised Airdrops - Location is broadcasted on the map along with launch

BetterLoot - Barrels & Crates are customised, dropping different amounts of loot with varied rarities.

Clans - Immersive clan system, so you can group up with your friends and raid together!

Kits - Starter & Respawn kits so you are never left without something in your hand!

Remove Tool - No more smashing your walls to pieces; /remove will do that for you!

5 x Gather - Gathering Wood, Stones, Metal Ore and Sulfur ore has never been easier!

Private Messaging - Speak to other players privately! No more chat spamming!

Polls - Vote for Day or Night when the poll is started by one of our administrators

Instant Crafting - 30 seconds to make paper? No more! MAGIC!

Teleports & Homes - Using the TPR and Home commands, never find yourself running around too much.

Notifier - Stay in the loop at all times! Connects, Disconnects and server news with Notifier

Custom Death Notes - Who has fallen to the depths of rust recently? The kill feed is online!

Friendly Fire Toggle - Toggle Friendly fire on or off to avoid misfire between clan members or friends!

Help Commands - Don't know how to work a plugin? Type /help for more information

Automatic Doors - You just run 5 miles away from base? Dont worry! We made sure we closed your doors for you.

Active Admins - We have a very active admin team available on Teamspeak nearly 24/7 and in-game on request.

No Pay to Win! - We will be offering VIP packages but with no pay to win features! More info coming soon.

Custom Stacks - Fed up of 10,000 Metal fragments stacks? It's okay, we've really stacked things up!

Anti-Hacks - No-body likes cheaters, our extensive steam profiling system ensures that they stay well away from us.

Admin Logging - The biggest worry for a server owner is disloyalty, we keep a track of all admins ensuring there is no abuse being committed.

------------- So, what are you waiting for? Join Venus Project Rust now! --------------

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