KZ Rust PvE |US|NoRaiding|1/2Craft|Oxide
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Version 2057

The oldest pure PvE Community server for Rust!


Join us in voice with Dolby Axon.
Ask for an invite to the room!

Official Forum

Oxide enabled with many great mods.

● No Raiding.
● Damage from Players to Buildings & Deployables disabled.
● Air drops @ 3 Players, every 60 minutes.
● Location Plugin.
● Compass.
● Live Map with Friends location sharing.
● Remover Tool that gives back a % of resources when removing objects.
● A Teleport Network with locations.
● Person to Person Teleport Requests.
● Home Teleports.
● Private Messages.
● Full Player List.
● ZLevels Leveling system.
● Starter Kit.
● Full Economy.
● No Decay.
● No Wipe's unless saves are broken by a patch.
Active friendly & helpful Admins!
Hackers and Griefers are dealt with swiftly.

Many active friendly players.

Full list of Commands are available on the Forum.

The PvP server has been re-opened

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