GIA Official Server|5x gather|PVP|Offline Base Protection
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Los Angelas, US
Last Ping 09/25/2016
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Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 1698
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Gaming International Association (GIA)'s official Rust server. GIA is a community for team oriented, friendly and mature members who play games like Arma III, Ark: Survival Evolved, Counter Strike, Rust, Minecraft, and more. We are an excellent source for discussion, technical support, live streaming, etc. Join our gaming brotherhood of like minded individuals - a fun and safe environment for everyone. Our Rust server does not accept any racism or bigotry, and plugin-enforces offline raiding. Join or server for a fun, team driven, enjoyable community.

- x5 Gather
- Instant Crafting
- No Offline Raiding (plugin enforced)
- Fun Community
- Fire Arrows
- Remove Tool Implemented
- Bounty System
- Just Launched A Could Weeks Ago (as of 05/31)
- SSD Backed (crazy good FPS)
- Clans (friendly fire toggle-able)

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