Sauce Survival
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Version 2138

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NEW FEATURE 07/24/2016:
Check out your skill levels without having to start up the game! The Hub alpha is now launched! View it at the link below.

NEW FEATURE 07/31/2016:
You no longer need to type in ANYTHING with our intuitive Commands Menu (Alpha)! Hit the tilde/backquote key ( ` ) in-game to access this awesome new feature!

Map wiped on 7/30/2016! Map wipe every 30 days, XP wipe every 60 days (Skill levels get cut in half). Modifications are only to enhance the core gameplay, not ruin it. Admins are active and friendly! Noob friendly server! Join today if you want to enjoy Rust how it should be enjoyed.

Key Features
- AFK (Sleep to save your hunger levels and thirst levels from dropping as fast)
- Better Chat
- Economy
- Home and Town Teleport
- Info Bar
- Map
* Ability to see Rust:IO friends
- NPCs
* Shops and information
- Popup Notifications
- Private Messaging
- Quests
- Quick Smelt
- Skill Levels
* Woodcutting
* Mining
* Skinning
* Crafting
- Starter Town
- Vanity Shop (Custom Item Skins)
* Items are purchased with Rewards Points
- Cupboard Radius
* Displays a dome showing you the radius of a Tool Cupboard

- A starter town is implemented. Learn what you can do on our server by speaking to NPCs.
Shopkeepers can sell and buy thing to/from you. PVP is disabled in the town.
- Quests have been added to enhance the XP system. You will find gaining XP has become less
of a grind.
- An Economy system has been added. Monies can be used to purchase BASIC food items.
It has yet to be decided what else you will be able to buy. See available money at the bottom-
left of your screen on our server.
- The ability to quickly sort items in to boxes has been added.
- Quick smelt is implemented on our server. Make sure you have at least 100 of any ore, 1 of
the processed version of that ore, and an appropriate amount of wood in you inventory.
Place a stack of ore in the furnace and watch as it separates your ore and starts the furnace
for you.
- The Kill Feed will keep you informed on when other players kill or die.
- The wipe schedule notifier will tell you when the last wipes happened as well as when the next
wipes will happen. Press the 'Next Wipe' button on the Commands Menu to see the next wipe dates.
- Better Chat is designed for you to be able to quickly identify players/mods/admins and ranks players have achieved.
- A Private Messaging system is also implemented. Talk to other players by starting your message
off with "/pm " without the quotes.

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