★ EU BEST GOLD ★ 5X • NO TWIG • KITS ★ 17/9
42 # ranked
12 votes
0 / 0 online
05 02 last wiped
Rank #42 (with 140 points)
Last Ping 16 minutes ago
Uptime 96%
Last Wipe 02/05/2017
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2013


Our original server - very popular with experienced players.

Wipes as required for performance (weekly or more).


Instant craft, custom decay, 5x gather and smelt, custom increased loot, vanilla cupboards, raid block (stops TP and remove during raids), economy and shop, increased stacks, custom door and cupboard sharing, no limit teleportation, sethomes, remove tool, clans (share sethomes, remove, and location on map), voting rewards, loyalty rewards.

Look for BEST GOLD in the server list or type the following in F1 console:

client.connect gold.eubestservers.com:28015

See you online!!!

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