Effenshire-PURGE [7/13][SOLO/DUO/TRIO][3X|NoTPR|Map|Events|Kits
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03 11 last wiped
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Seattle, US
Last Ping 07/20/2017
Uptime 80%
Last Wipe 11/03/2016
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 1998

NO VAC/GAME/COMMUNITY bans, private profiles, non-existent profiles, family sharing, or VPN's allowed. TWO WEEK WIPE CYCLE.

Effenshire is a casual friendly, modded server located in Seattle, North America. This server is designed for solo, and small groups of 3 people or less working together in ANY way. This is a strict, core rule of the server. There are also no base-take overs allowed. You can raid, camp, lay traps, all you want, but you cannot "take over" a base in any way - meaning you cannot do anything with locks, block a TC, or block the owner in any way, etc.

Server features include:
2X Gather
3X Smelting output per tick
Increased stack sizes
NO PLAYER TELEPORTS and a very limited 5 /home teleports per day.
Voting, Events, Rewards
Enhanced Chat and Death Notes

There is a complete list of plugins is at www.effenshire.org

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