[4/27] Drinking Outa Cups|10x|TP|Homes|Clans|Kits|MassDrops
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Sacramento, US
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Version 1982
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We've just developed our first custom plugin! CustomSupplyDrops - Call in a heli or a low flying plane (one that can be shot down). More variety soon!

Wipes are weekly

We strive to bring a decent atmosphere to rust without adding too much overhead. Everything within the game should be easily accessible via the /help menu.

We are 10x gather with modified loot tables to remove unusable loot. We also have a /shop that you can utilize using in game caps.

First vote on the server gets you 48 hours of offline raid protection! Additional protection can be purchased with gold and is given to our VIPs.

All donations go back into the server. All donor items can be purchased in game via the /gold menu. Dedicated Admins are always on to help through Discord.


For a full list of plugins and features visit our site.

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