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Here at Cobraland we shoot for a laidback Rust experience. We are noob friendly!

This means most of us are happy to help with your questions, give you advice, and set you on the right path in your Rust journey.

This doesn't mean you're safe, it's rust after all! You always have the chance to run into unfriendly people.

We hold server votes Wednesday Nights for map wipes, and we BP wipe every month.

Steam Group -
Website -
IP to connect:

Average online 90+

Owner - CobraKai
Moderator - Mage|SWG and Neke

Staff members play as others do, they build, they raid, they kill, they play Rust!

We're happy to demolish walls provided it's your own house. We will help you if you get stuck.

No griefing; blocking people's entrances and exits, etc
No racism or hate speech; use of the N word, Nazi symbols, etc.
No chat spam; extensive chat spamming may result in warnings or a kick.
No saltiness/ranting; Please try and keep the drama to a minimum!
No admin accusations; without proof accusations will just cause general drama.

Most rules are punished as follows: 1st offence warning, 2nd kick, 3rd ban.

Next map wipe vote is on December 31st.

Last updated: 03/30/2017 Modify