Multiplay :: kyles server
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Atlanta, US
Last Ping 12/14/2017
Uptime 48%
Last Wipe 06/04/2015
Os Windows
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Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2043

Chaotic Gaming Community is hosting a New 100slot server with double memory and very active admins. You don't have to worry about any hackers because they are banned on site or before they even log in on the server. We have atleast 5-20 players online at all times and sleepers. We have Events daily our most popular event is Deathmatch and we have some awesome rewards. All are welcome to join.
Add me on Steam for more info: {CGC}Dreke
Current Mods:
Admin Reports- report players/admins or mod bugs, Admin Abuse is not tolerated if caught they will be removed from staff after investigation. Mass Airdrops
x5 Gather
Arena Deathmatch
Auto Door Closer
Auto blueprints when you login
Bounty Board
Cheatpunch Anticheat
Half Craft
Skip Night Vote
Shop Friends
Limited Ladders- Can't place ladders without build priviledge
Kits and Auto Kits on respawn
Money for Gather-get economy money for gathering
Live Map
Private Messaging
Quick Smelt
Removal Tool
Ranks and Titles
Running Man
Better Loot
Sign Artist
Teleport System
Warp System
Stack Sizes
No Decay

Mods are subject to change at anytime but players will be notified before hand. Join us today we look forward to seeing you.

Last updated: 06/01/2015 Modify