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Version 1069 is running a handful of homegrown plugins, as well as a number of community released plugins. We are still tweaking and tuning things to make the server something unique. At the moment our setup is:

- No craft C4: C4 only drops from airdrops (15 players to trigger)
- Remove tool: fix your build mistakes
- Location: get your location with /location.
- Death location: you will receive a notification, with coordinates, when you die.
- Online player list: check for a real time list of players.
- List players: while in game with /list.
- Uber Arena: We've built a large metal arena where players can queue up for a team deathmatch. Players will be teleported into the arena and given military weapons and dropped into battle. Winning team is rewarded and returned to their previous location. Anyone can come out and observe the fight from the area on top of the arena.
- Hunger Games (In development): We are hoping to have an arena similar to the deathmatch arena, but modeled after the hunger games. 5 players will arrive at a gate, with no items or armor, and then rush in and try to obtain a weapon (which will be limited to primitive weapons, with a rare chance of a P250). After you have secured a weapon, you pick your own strategy... go nuts and start killing people, form an alliance, or hang back and wait to take the last kill.

We are considering removing craftable military weapons, and reducing their drop rates from air drops and even lower from crates.

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