BooN - 2/13 WIPED Instantcraft|PVP|LimitedSleep|FF=OFF Rust++
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31 12 last wiped
Rank #497 (with 2 points)
Dallas, US
Last Ping 02/19/2014
Uptime 0%
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 1068

top ranked server on (always top 15)

PVP Montage of the server:

Server is active with usually 15-30 people on during no matter what time of the day, hitting 40+ people on at once during the weekends. With grouping and friendly fire turned off (cant kill your friends) + instant craft, its easy to jump into the game and get established quick to go on offense or defend your home. Cant craft explosives, but can craft C4. Hourly air drops at 6+ players, when the server hits 20+ players more air drops come (1 air drop per 10 people at 20+ people). This helps create more gun fights, gets people out of their houses/bases and is the best way to get C4/explosives. Plenty of groups on the server from small to big (2-10 players) and the death mod (shows who killed who in chat) brings plenty of action + rivalry's to the server.

easiest way to connect is go to console on Rust and type net.connect or to hit Join from toprustservers

WIPED 2/13!!!!
Active + Non abusive Admins
GROUPING + Friendly FIRE = OFF (no longer shoot your friends)
HOURLY air drops at 6+ players
Starter Kits
Instant Craft
90+ active players
Door Share
Rust++ Mod
Death mod(shows who killed who in chat)
Location mod

Public Raid Call channel so you can communicate with your group!
Raid Call id: 6554154

Need to download RaidCall(free voip program like Skype, Team Speak, Ventrilo, etc.)? Use my referral link!

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