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Montr, US
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Os Windows
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Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2013

- Creative Server for Rust Experimental
- Home Security prevents players from entering your cupboard radius. allow friends in with /friend add
- Home Security ONLY works if you place a cupboard when building.
- Autopurge of players buildings/deployables is set for 6 hours of inactivity. No more scheduled wipes.
- Players can use Admin Noclip to fly :)
- F1 Items spawn working for all players
- Fishing, Freeze Arrows and Fire Arrows :)
- Players can only damage things they built or deployed.
- Players can set RAID code to allow attacking each others stuff.
- Added PVP zone for players, currently Power Plant area.
- All Blueprints learned already
- Massive Kits with unlimited resources and uses
- Teleport and Sethome function
- Warp system to get you around map fast. (flying is fun too)
- /up to upgrade whole buildings to next grade level. so sweet
- and much much more

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