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30 11 last wiped
Rank #7299 (with 2 points)
Last Ping 03/04/2019
Uptime 73%
Last Wipe 11/30/-0001
Os Windows
Password No
Secure Valve Anti-Cheat
Version 2151


Wiped 1st Feb next wipe 15th Feb.
EU/UK based server open to all for PVP + Build
We run a NO LADDERS policy at all times.
We have good community of friendly regulars.
We welcome friendly players.

Active Admin
No Ladders - 10x Gather - AlphaLoot -Fast Quarry & Furnaces - Twig Decay - KitsGUI - RustIO Map - LustyMap - Dynamic Cupboards - Clans - FriendsGUI - InfoPanel - TeleportGUI - NightLanterns - Private Message - PlayerRanks stats - Remove - Skipnight - Treasure hunt - Juggernaut Event - Helivote - Realistic Weather - commander.racetrack

1. Teleport and Home.
2. Remove Tool - (only usable on things you build yourself)
3. 10 X Gather rate on everything
4. Server Rewards - Gain server rewards through quests - events and killing anything Full shop with hundreds of Custom skins.
5. 100 k stacks on almost everything and INSTACRAFT.
6. BETTER Loot plugin...much better drops from barrels,crates air drops and Chopper.No garbage loot!
7. Rank plugin : See who is best on the server with kills. head shots and K/D.
8. Infopanel : compass.Co-Ords. players.sleepers.heli etc
9. Full online live map -
10. Enhanced airdrops with up to 3 dropping at once randomley and Massdrops.
11. CLAN plugin : join with the rest of your clan on the server + FF
12. Skip night vote plugin.
13. Quests - Gather and kill Quests to Gain server rewards - menu and NPC shops.
14. Autodoor close.(toggle)
15. Community buildings.
16. Cupboards for friends - raiders cannot access cupboards if not /friend in game.
17. Friends pluginUI - with Friendly fire.
18. Death notes
19. Full plugin info list
20. KITS : Mixture - in game and available to buy in shops with Server reward points.
21. Player list plugin.
22. Events - AUTO - Deathmatch - Gungame - Sniper TDM - Chopper survival - Admin built raidable bases with lots of turrets and loot.
24. Weather controller plugin.
25. Auto furnaces -( furnaces restart on their own after server restart)
26. Lantern plugin-(all lanterns lights turn on or off automatically at nightime/daybreak)
27. Replace on broken plugin:(Replaces your active broken item with a not broken item if in inventory.).
28. Admin built Safe town - Want to just chat to people without being shot - safe town is here.
29.You CAN build cupboards INSIDE other cupboards radius's.
30. Quick SMELT and decent Quarrys.
31. Sign Artist.
32. Trade plugin - super easy safe trading
33. Guess the number plugin - Server rewards if you guess it right 1-100.
34. Skins+
35. Jail for bad people with no way out
36. Private messages.
37. Crosshair plugin with on off toggle.
38.Treasure hunt event
39.Racetrack events
40.Dynamic cupboard share
41.Safe town - With shops and skywalk!
42.No Radiation

1. Dont be a Cunt!
2. Be Respectful to other Players/Admin
3.No Nazi/Racist/porno signs or slogans
4. No Whining about hackers/cheats - just play - admin are watching
5. ENGLISH ONLY IN CHAT please - use private message plugin - thanks!
6. No Cheating or GLITCHING or using game exploits in any way!
7. No blocking off Rad zones or towns or high loot areas - Quarries are ok though!
8. Hiding/Glitching boxes or building in rocks etc will get you banned no warning!
9.Personal attacks on players in chat will not be tolerated - use your guns to do the talking please!
10.Personal attacks on players in chat will not be tolerated - use your guns to do the talking please!
11. Max External wall layers = 5!
12.No advertising of other servers ever!!
13.Clan max size - 8 members

2 1/2 years old now ...Come join us ..Thanks!

Last updated: 02/01/2018 Modify